Wow -- that's a hike to the Zweig house and well done! I'm familiar with him and his story but have never read his work. So many books to do... These are really beautiful places and your photos show them off to the best. That castle... Wow!

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Mycket intressant författare. Skriver vackert om saker och ting. Har läst en del av hans noveller. Han skriver också biografier. Håller på med den om Marie Antoinette och den är skriven annorlunda än vanliga biografier. Klart läsvärd författare.

Jag har ett svenskt nyhetsbrev nu. Den tillfälliga besökare. Här är en länk och du vill prenumerera.


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What a nice trip.

I have not read enough by Stefan Zweig, will have to find another one of his books. Great that you could visit his house.

And I am so with you with those steps, happens to me all the time. It's not just my back, it's also my lungs that don't want to climb any stairs. But I'm sure you're glad you've done it.

Have a happy Easter.

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Intressant. Kände inte till Zweig.

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