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I am catching up on several posts that I have had open on my computer for far too long. But I wanted to savor them. After seeing the Van Gogh exhibit in Detroit this winter (I posted on it) I was so impressed by his output, his styles. I know SOME of his life -- but you shared things I didn't know and really appreciated this one. Oh, isn't Amsterdam grand? Now -- on to the aged Vermeer post of yours! (Another favorite!)

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I am happy you enjoy reading about my various interests. I have a total new idea of Van Gogh after seeing the exhibition. I will look up your post about the Detroit exhibition again. Might view it differently this time.

I will soon, when I have time, review the book Van Gogh's Ear by Bernadette Murray which was a very interesting read. She had done so much research, and found new things, which give us another aspect of his life.

So interesting these artists, are they not?

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