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This is another I'd been saving. Oh my! I would have loved that exhibition. Vermeer has always been a favorite. I have two "Vermeers" in my house! One is a needlepoint of the Milkmaid that my mother did and when I finally saw the real painting at the Rijksmuseum years ago, it was like seeing a dear friend. The other is a small oil "forgery" of the Pearl Earring. A friend of my dad's wanted to learn to paint like the masters -- mixing the paints and colors much as they did (as possible) and painting their work. He gave my mom his small canvas version, which I think is quite magnificent. I'd love to see the real deal! I presume you've been to Delft to the VanGogh Center there. It doesn't have any originals, unfortunately. He didn't have all that many and they've been scooped up by the larger museums. But it's a fascinating walk through his times and how he painted. If you've never been, it's worth a visit. (And they have a good gift shop with lots of books!)

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Indeed, Vermeers is in a league of his own. I was so pleased that I managed to see this exhibition. I had seen Girl With a Pearl Earring the year before while we visited Den Haag. Our son did study a year in Delft and we had also visited the city while living in Brussels. It is one of my favourite cities, so beautiful and accessible, because of its size. I have visited the Vermeer center in Delft a couple of time. Although they have no originals, at least you can enjoy the copies, and the story of his life is very well done.

It would be nice to see your own Vermeers. Maybe you show them in a post in the future. Even if copies it is nice to have and to view often, which reminds you of the man and the originals. The Milkmaid is a really good painting and it would be nice to see your mother's take on the painting.

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