Thanks for the good Netflix recommendations. I'll see if our US Netflix has them.

And congratulations to your son on his job! Three cheers!

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If you want spring, come visit. We hardly have had a winter. Two days with a teeny tiny bit of snow that disappeared after an hour or two.

I have read five books by Dostoyewsky, The Idiot is not among them, still on my wishlist. I guess I will like it, even if not as good as Crime and Punishment, none of the others are as good, either, well, maybe the Brothers Karamazov.

We love series, my hubby prefers them to movies. And I do like to learn about history like that, I think that's how I first got interested in history in the first place. Not through school where we had a terrible teacher (my parents said he must have been a nazi and I do believe it):

And I guess we will hear more about Oslo now that you have a reason to go there often? Looking forward to hearing and seeing about it. I've never been to Norway,.

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Yes, I have been skiing during the four years I lived in Oslo. I have even jumped in the old Holmenkollen, not the big new one they use for competition.

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